E-Alga PROJECT (2014-2017)

  1. 1.To improve the taxonomic knowledge of macroalgal species thriving in earthen ponds and to gather information about their chemical composition and organoleptic characteristics.

  2. 2.To establish a relationship between the composition of the selected macroalgae, the location in the earthen ponds and the growth conditions.

  3. 3.To develop and optimise the cultivation of macroalgal species of interest for the food industry.

  4. 4.To select the control of physicochemical and sensorial variables enabling a rapid assessment of the freshness of the product.

  5. 5.To estimate the environmental improvement of the cultures: assessment of the macroalgal biofiltration of nutrients.

  6. 6.To estimate the seasonal variability of the living resource: growth rate and biomass depending on the site and season.

  7. 7.To design and develop new product based on macroalgae, in collaboration with the company Suralgae and local chefs).

Aims of the project

Optimisation of harvesting and outdoor culture of macroalgae allocated to the food industry in earthen ponds of Cadiz Bay. Nutritional/gastronomic potential and environmental implications.